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Flu Vaccine Delay

Dear Patient

Like many other surgeries across the country, we are affected by the freight issues with delivering flu vaccines this year.  Although our flu vaccines were not due to be delivered until the end of this month, we have received an email to say they could be up to two weeks late and that we will only get 7 days' notice of the delivery date.  Therefore, we should not arrange any flu clinics until we receive notification of delivery.

We know that other local surgeries are already giving flu vaccines, and this will be because they have ordered from another company.  We cannot change our supplier, as the vaccines were ordered 9 months ago, before these freight issues were known about.

We were already delaying publicising our clinics, expecting an imminent announcement about co-administration with covid, so that we do not double up putting on flu and covid clinics at the same time.  This delay gives us a bit more "wait and see" time for the Government to let us know whether we can give the two together.  If possible, co-administration will mean that, those patients who are eligible for both, can have them together in one appointment.  This is more efficient for both the patient and the NHS.

Thank you for your patience and we will update our communications when we have more information.